I’ve decided to focus on the really small moments of life that bring joy. Not the Facebook/Instagram moments, not the weddings and graduations and landing the big job moments. The really small barely noticed moments that make taking the next breath worthwhile.

I have a lot of thoughts about it but the most pressing one is that halfway through it my brother turned to me and said “This is like a Marx Brothers movie” and yes absolutely, at least for part of it, but it’s also a huge pet peeve of mine that so many of our culture heroes right now are extremely rich people who use their money to become rich superheroes and we don’t have anyone like the Marx Brothers poking fun at the super rich and social climbers and bamboozling them out of their money

My local meditation club is up and running. Sort of in beta test mode with just a handful of us. But meetings planned through the end of the year, making our existence known more widely, and then to review and revise.

@BhikkhuBeckett yup, sorry about that. Storage issues again. I'm going to upgrade that over the weekend to accommodate Mastodon and it's data hoarding ways.

Breathing in, I know I am alive.

Breathing out, I’m glad to be alive.

whatever you call it... 

WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING PEOPLE? What's happening in your practice?

I've tried concentration practice for 20 minutes sits with a lit candle as a focus object. Interesting. Last night I sat for 30 minutes of body scan guided by a Michael W. Taft recording.

Sat for 45 minutes tonight with the guidance of Buddhify’s Formal Concentration series. This is my second time through the series, each of four sets incrementally longer. The 45 minute set is quite sparse of spoken guidance; it’s mostly silence. I think I got further into real concentration than I have previously, into kind of a gooey pleasant state intermittently.

My right leg is now enjoying the return of blood circulation. That was a long sit!

“You don’t need to be a Buddhist. You don’t need to be a Dharma teacher. You don’t need tramsmission from a teacher in order to start a practice group. You can start a mindfulness practice group anytime, anywhere.”
Thich Nhat Hanh, Breath, You Know You Are Alive!

Breathing in, I know I am alive. Breathing out, I feel the joy of being alive.

When I sit without recorded guidance, lately I have been using the concentration exercises from Breathe, /You Are Alive!/. That is Thich Nhat Hanh's translation and interpretation of the Anapanasati Sutta, the Sutta on Full Awareness of Breathing.

My practice is fairly scattered and "daily-ish". Weekday mornings I can sometimes sit under a tree for 10-20 minutes in a well-maintained pine grove adjacent to a coworking space (previously mentioned). Sometimes at night after the rest of my family is in bed I can sit on a proper cushion and zabuton for 20-40 minutes. I use the "formal" instances on the Buddhify app or other recordings of guided meditation. Sometimes I meditate free range. @Flophouse_Sam

Why can’t arhats vacuum underneath their sofas? 

I frequently listen to podcasts as a sleep aid. One of my favorite occasional alternatives is the audiobook of Kornfield's /Teachings of the Buddha/ anthology. It's read by Edoardo Ballerini, who has a beautiful soothing voice. Sometimes, half-awake, I catch pertinent verses; an extract from the Thich Nhat Hanh's transatlon of the Satipatthana Sutta (Four Establishments of Mindfulness) led me to that book and grounded my Vipassana practice. It's good company overnight.


Buddha nature in a grain of sand? I enjoy the Everything is Alive podcast, in which the host interviews various inanimate objects. It's a great exercise in improv. My favorite episode is "Chioke, Grain of Sand" featuring a grain of sand who seems to dwell in Buddha nature.

" So, I don't really experience boredom.All of my existence is observation and reflection.So, I'm never bored."


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