The Vast Expanse Beyond the Book 

The Vast Expanse Beyond the Book 

Babilu: Contemplative Groove 

Fractured_Buddhist Poet 

I noticed that since I started paying attention to the small moments, life seems so much easier, less overwhelming and stressful, more connected and at peace. I guess that's what mindfulness is about.

It's not about paying attention to the 'present moment' as a unit of time, but to the 'present moment' of experience, as an attention to detail, texture, color, sound and light.

The Buddhist view is that the world is always in a superposition between the real and the not-real. And I am in a superposition between self and not-self. The Universe is in a superposition of existence and non-existence.

I’ve decided to focus on the really small moments of life that bring joy. Not the Facebook/Instagram moments, not the weddings and graduations and landing the big job moments. The really small barely noticed moments that make taking the next breath worthwhile.

When we said we weren't looking for a religion, we weren't kidding—we really meant it. I wonder how many people in the West have gone through Buddhism, initially not looking for a religion, but ended up in one, and then had to claw their way out.

Recovery Dharma online is not only a great resource for recovering from addiction; it's a great Buddhist community, overall, for anybody practicing with an open mind; non-dogmatic, non-sectarian, open to dharma wisdom from any helpful source, esp. the wisdom we cultivate on our own life paths. Best I've ever experienced.

Christmas morning. Dog out for walk. It’s so quiet, I can hear all the winter birds singing. Chicka-dee-dee-dee...

To Ram Das, a great inspiration in my life. Jai Guru Deva. Om. Across The Universe (Remastered 2009) via

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Music for Contemplation-Ana Roxanne 

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the real point... 

The Navayana 

Facture: Until We Fall 

the real point... 

the real point... 

Seed & Soil: Fully Engaged Buddhism 

Seed & Soil: Fully Engaged Buddhism 

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