Looking for a great meditation spot? Datacenters. I'm sitting here running memtest on a server and I could sit here for hours.

@anatta "Running a mem test on a server"... I'm still learning the jargon: Is that Culadasa or Shinzen Young? 😉 Having spent some time lurking on reddit, I think I've successfully defragmentated but I'm still some distance from the ultimate goal of over-clocking.

@Flophouse_Sam this is what I call the "Chicagoland Server Farm Tradition". We are currently guru-less which I partly blame on the lineage being open source.

@anatta I thought, “damn, this is great, I’m in Research Triangle Park, there must be 20 data centers within a mile.”

But no. I told them I only wanted to sit there for an hour or so, they just threatened to call the cops.

@BhikkhuBeckett Yeah, I should have qualified that... Only meditate at a datacenter if you have the proper security clearances! I just launched this server and I can't have users getting locked up for criminal trespass 🤣

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